Midwifery is my calling - I cannot imagine doing anything else!

For me there is nothing more thrilling or challenging than accompanying a family duriing this special time. Every family is unique, with different needs and expectations. My job is to listen, understand and to accompany you with empathy and exertise. This is my passion.



Babymassage: VBMN Nasma Scheibler Shrestha

Trageberatung: Clauwi Zürich

Schlafberatung: 1001 Kindernacht

Kinaesthetics Infant Handling: European Kinaestetics Association (Hg.)

Postpartale Depression: Postpartale Depression Schweiz

Begleitung bei Kindesverlust: Fachstelle Kindsverlust Schweiz

diverse Weiterbildungen zum Thema Wochenbett, Stillen, Reanimation ect.

Aktuell: Fachlehrgang zum Thema Hochsensibilität bei Brigitte Küster